NexLaw 101: Getting Started Guide – Contract Review

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NexLaw’s Contract Review doesn’t just identify crucial elements; it empowers you to mitigate potential risks with upfront issue identification, enrich your negotiation strategy with AI insights, and ensure compliance through detailed scrutiny.


Click on “Contract Review” in the navigation bar.

Choose your role in the contract.

How to use

Let’s review a contract as a discloser.

The previous contract documents uploaded by you will be displayed.

To review a new contract, upload a contract document in PDF format.

NexLaw will analyze your contract within seconds, click Open.

The left section will show the context of your contract.

NexLaw will highlight the parts of your contract that require enhancement or amendment

Click on the highlighted content to view AI suggestions on how to enhance the contract. 

You can make changes to the contract by following the AI suggestions, reviewing the changes, and replacing the existing content. You can also generate custom AI Suggestion for the amendment.

Click on highlighted context and click on Custom AI Suggestion button.

If you are not satisfied with the example or the example doesn’t include your custom key points, you may write your requirements for improvements for the highlighted clause in the add suggestion place. Click ‘Generate Example’ button to generate improvised example that includes your key points. You may then replace its respective clause.

Remember to save your changes using the designated button.

You can export it in PDF or document format.

The right section features a question bot that can answer any questions about your contract.

This saves you time from reading the entire contract on your own.

That’s all about the Contract Review.