Refund and Cancellation Policy

If you are a user of NexLaw and wish to cancel your subscription, kindly log in to your NexLaw account. From there, go to the Account section and click on “Subscription.” To cancel the entire subscription, select “End Subscription.”  


ARTICLE 1: Cancellation Requests  

1.0 After purchasing a plan, customers will not be able to return it for a replacement or refund. This policy applies to all Services or Plans. If you choose to cancel your subscription, your Services will end at the end of the current subscription term. You won’t be entitled to any refunds or credits for amounts you’ve already paid or that have accrued before the termination.  


ARTICLE 2: General Account Info  

2.0 Your subscription will be automatically renewed at the end of each month.  

2.1 We retain the authority to make changes or discontinue the NexLaw service(s) at our discretion, without prior notice and at any given time.  

2.2 NexLaw may suspend or terminate your account if we have reason to believe, through conviction, settlement, investigation, or other evidence, that you have been involved in fraudulent activity related to our services. Similarly, we reserve the right to take the same action if we suspect you have violated our terms of use.  



If you have any comments or concerns regarding our privacy policy, please contact us at [email protected].