NexLaw 101: Getting Started Guide – Legal AI Trial Copilot

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The Legal AI Trial Copilot simplifies case preparation by swiftly delivering in-depth legal research, tailored trial strategies, and comprehensive analysis reports customized to your needs. 

To begin, you can click on Legal AI Trial Copilot in the left navigation bar. 

Click Prepare for Your Case and input your case information. 

Choose the country and client type. 

Fill in the rest of the data. 

Click on Next and our system will analyze the case, generating customized legal analysis reports for you need. 

NexLaw will take a moment to generate the reports. 


You can look through relevant laws and statutes tailored to your case. Including legal memorandum, pleading drafts, key elements, and more. You may also download any document suited to your case.

The results shown are tailored to your data input.

Trial Phase

You can click Move to Trial Phase at the bottom of the page.

You can either upload your jury instruction document or Proceed without Uploading Jury Instruction 

NexLaw will generate the trial case flow accordingly. You may view or download any files that are suitable for your case. 

That’s all for Legal AI Trial Copilot.