NexLaw 101 Getting Started Guide – Legislation Search 

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Legislation Search performs in-depth analysis of legislative databases.  


To begin, you can click on Legislation Search in the left navigation bar.  

At the Case Law Search dashboard, you can choose the search type for your document.

How to use

Type of Search Function
Phrase/Keywords search
Search for document containing the exact word that is entered. You can enter your keywords or a phrase in the search field.
Statement search
Search for documents related to the input statement. Alternatively, you can enter a statement in sentence form in the search field for a statement search. You can also enter a case name.

Then, choose your jurisdiction. You can choose two jurisdictions and filter two courts per jurisdiction.

Click the Search button to start searching for your documents.

While NexLaw is processing for the current search, the user can enter a different search detail for a new search in the search field. NexLaw allows the user to search multiple cases at a time and provides the results once the search is finished.

Click Open after it finishes loading.

You can look through the search result and summarize the case you are interested in.

NexLaw will take a few seconds to summarize the case.

Click View Summary and the platform would display all the information.

The left section shows the summary of the case while the complete case is shown in the right section.

Users can choose to export the case in both PDF and document form.  

That’s all for Legislation Search.